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How Enterprises can successfully pilot startup technology

This guide will walk you through how to set up your startup pilot for success so that you can be more innovative in your role, department, and company!

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John Morhous

Chief Experience Officer at Flight Centre Travel Group

icon-quote We work with startups frequently, both internally and externally with our customers. We've found their ability to address niche areas of the business invaluable and actually have ended up investing and even acquiring several as they prove successful.

Reduce red tape with 6 focus areas!

  1. 1. Limit the access 🔒
  2. 2. Limit the users 👫
  3. 3. Limit the touch points 👉
  4. 4. Limit the budget 💰
  5. 5. Limit the stakeholders 🤝
  6. 6. Limit the paperwork 📝


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Learn how to engage with a startup, give them feedback, and help them to build the solution you want.